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Why Choose Us?

We are not only consultants, we are also FedEx® Ground Linehaul operators! We have owned routes since 2016 and have grown substantially every year we have been in operation. Having bought and sold many routes for ourselves, we have direct knowledge of know how to navigate the FedEx® policies and procedures for both existing and, most importantly, new contractors/investors interested in entering the FedEx® Ground market.

We understand the needs of the seller:

  • Our buyer pool has been through a financial vetting process before negotiations begin.
  • The buyer has the financial backing to close the deal.
  • The buyer has the business acumen to quickly get FedEx® approval, continue operations, and take care of long-time employees and staff.
  • We do not waste your time with “looky-loos” that do not actually have the financial means to close the transaction.

We understand the needs of the buyer:

  • A buyer wants to know that they are getting fairly priced assets and a reasonable return on investment when they purchase FedEx® routes.
  • We do not post routes at “any old price” just to see who “bites”!
  • We analyze each deal thoroughly and value the runs as if we were the purchaser.
  • We communicate the expected price range with the seller before the route is listed for sale.
  • We do not want to waste a potential buyer’s time with overpriced, unreasonable routes that will never actually close.

FedEx® Ground linehaul routes have been, and continue to be a great investment for us and our clients. Let us help you become successful as well!

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